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RMT Trawl catch from 1985/86 V1 ADBEX III voyage (Australian Antarctic Data Centre)


This dataset contains results from the Antarctic Division BIOMASS Experiment III (ADBEX III) cruise of the Nella Dan. It is the fifth cruise in a series of six, conducting a long term field survey providing data on distribution, abundance and population structure of the krill Euphausia superba in the Prydz Bay region, Antarctica. The prime purpose of ADBEX III was to study the ecology of the Crabeater Seal, and surveys of krill and other zooplankton were taken off Antarctica in the Australian sector (east of Mawson) in the Enderby Land region between October and November 1985. Species identity and abundance data were obtained. The major species investigated were Euphausia superba, Euphausia frigidia, Euphausia crystallorophias and Thysanoessa marcuria. Other pteropods and cephalopods were also studied. A CTD cast and water collection for phytoplankton pigment, nutrients and primary production measurements were also made at each net sampling station. Summary results are listed in the documentation.

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