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Zooplankton of the Eastern South Pacific, Universidad de Guayaquil, Ecuador (OBIS South America, SOUTH PACIFIC NODE)


The Ecuadorian sea is characterized for being a zone of oceanic convergence among hot waters proceeding from the Gulf of Panama and cold waters of Humboltd's Current from the south of the continent. The Equatorial Front formed among these two types of water moves to different height of the continental coast and of Galápagos according to the season of the year. The distribution and abundance of the planktonic organisms in the Ecuadorian sea is related to the position of this Front and to coastal and oceanic outcrops. In this document they present information of planktonic foraminíferos from 1973 in an area included between 01°22'N and 03 ° 16'N. Also of larval of fishes and foraminíferos in a point of the coast 81 ° 05'W and 02 °. 04'S from 1997 to 2000. The samplings of zooplankton have been realized in superficial and sub-superficial waters. Between the species mentioned in this base of information, species of the zooplankton are distinguished (foraminíferos planktonic) warning from water masses and larval of fishes of economic importance (pelagic small fish) for Ecuador. The intention of this work is to contribute to the knowledge of the existing biodiversity in Ecuadorian waters, for which the number of species expects to increase, in this base of information, zooplancktonic which abundance and distribution has been studied by different specialists in this part of the Tropical Pacific Oriental sea.

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