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REVIZEE South Score / Pelagic and Demersal Fish Database (OBIS South America, BRAZIL)


This data set contains records of pelagic and demersal fish collected during the REVIZEE program off the southern Brazilian coast. Six oceanographic cruises were carried out from 1996 to 1999 between Cape of São Tomé (22oS) and Chuí (34oS). Pelagic fish distribution was investigated with acoustic methods (SIMRAD EK-500, double frequency ecosound, of 38 and 120 kHz) and fish was collected with a mid-water trawl at stations with high target strength, mainly within 100 and 500-m depth. Demersal fish were investigated to assess the fishing potential of catches vulnerable to hooks over both hard and soft bottoms on the outer shelf and upper slope – 80% of captures consisted of commercially valuable species.

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