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Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking (OBIS Canada)


The Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project (POST) was created to monitor the movement of marine animals through an array of listening stations set along the west coast of North America. Little is known about key aspects of the biology of threatened and commercially valued species upon which fisheries assessments are critically dependent. POST results will give much ... needed information about their behavior and provide unprecedented insight into the mysteries of migration. The POST project uses newly developed acoustic technology to track the movement of individual animals. Tags implanted in the animals' abdomens send out unique signals, which are picked up by receivers placed on the ocean floor. The migration path of tagged animals can be reconstructed from the data gathered. Most species and many life history stages can be studied using POST. Current OBIS extraction of POST provides one record per tag per hour, i.e. RelatedCatalogItem is the serial number of the animals' electronic tag, which by year is the same animal. ObservedIndividualCount is the number of times the tag was detected during the specified hour. OBIS Schema concepts implemented in this data set are:DateLastModified, InstitutionCode, CollectionCode, CatalogNumber, ScientificName, BasisOfRecord, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, ScientificNameAuthor, YearCollected, MonthCollected, DayCollected, JulianDay, TimeOfDay, Locality, Longitude, Latitude, RelatedCatalogItem (TagID), Notes, StartYearCollected, EndYearCollected, StartMonthCollected, EndMonthCollected, StartDayCollected, EndDayCollected, StartLongitude, EndLongitude, StartTimeOfDay, EndTimeOfDay, StartLatitude, EndLatitude, ObservedIndividualCount (Number of Times TagID, i.e. RelatedCatalogItem, was detected this hour). For OBIS Schema concept details see

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