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ECNASAP - East Coast North America Strategic Assessment (OBIS Canada)


Summary: Fishery-independent groundfish data for the east coast of North America from Cape Hatteras to the US/Canadian border and for Bay of Fundy through the Scotian Shelf. Time period is 1970-95. Efforts are underway to extend taxonomic, tempoaral and spatial coverage of data available from OBIS. OBIS Schema concepts implemented in this data set are:DateLastModified, InstitutionCode, CollectionCode, CatalogNumber, ScientificName, BasisOfRecord, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, ScientificNameAuthor, YearCollected, MonthCollected, DayCollected, JulianDay, TimeOfDay, ContinentOcean, Locality, Longitude, Latitude, MinDepth, Notes, StartYearCollected, EndYearCollected, StartMonthCollected, EndMonthCollected, StartDayCollected, EndDayCollected, StartTimeofDay, EndtimeofDay, StartLongitude, EndLongitude, StartLatitude, EndLatitude, Temperature, ObservedIndividualCount. For OBIS Schema concept details see

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Apr 3, 2007

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