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Academy of Natural Sciences OBIS Mollusc Database


The primary objective of this project is to provide a database of the estimated 25,000 named species of mollusks in the Indo-Pacific region, with summary data on their distribution and ecology. Another objective is to combine Indo-Pacific data with existing databases for Western Atlantic and Europe marine mollusk species and for higher taxa of mollusks to form the basis of a global database of Mollusca. This database will provide a uniform framework for linking specimen records from museum collections and data from fisheries to show spatial and temporal patterns of occurrence and abundance. This datasource provides primary access to the Indo-Pacific Mollusc Dataset using the obis schema. Data in the Indo-Paciffic Mollusc database use names from the Indo-Pacific Mollusc project together with point records from the Academy of Natural Sciences and the Australian Museum. Specimens referenced in this data set may be in the collections of either the Australian Museum or the Academy of Natural Sciences, but may have current identifications in those collections that are junior synonymys (or other junior names) of names in current use in the Indo-Pacific Mollusc database.

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