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Collective List of Descriptions about Bacterial Isolates from Korea


Bacteria are commonly used as tools or materials for the productions of industrial substances such as antibiotics, specific enzymes, or hormones and hence comprising the base of high-valued biotechnology. For these reason, bacteria have been the main target for worldwide biodiversity competitions to pre-occupy them, and the efforts to find out new bacterial strains are still made all over the world. But the chance to isolate and identify a new bacteria is getting more difficult to obtain nowadays, because not only the process is complicated but also there are huge informations to know about the existing bacteria to compare with coming new one. For the challenging treasure hunter the need for easy way to grasp and figure out all these information is, therefore, beyond description. This is the reason why we are undertaking to construct database for the collective list of bacteria so far isolated from Korea.

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Hyung-Seon (Howard) Park
Sungsoo Ahn
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