Korean Plant Virus Database

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Korean Plant Virus Database


As plant virus research is the science which requires expensive equipments such as electron microscopy and ultracentrifuge, it recently shows dramatic increases by the help of molecular biological analysis technologies. Nowadays molecular biological research methods are recognized as generalized skills, therefore the urgent thing is to construct integrated system to manage the abundant data from universities. The process such as virus images, symptoms, or identification that using expensive electron microscopy is needed expert's sophisticated participation, so if when one found a loss or damage through data or implementation, it is necessary that one must be repeat these steps. Therefore these steps are waste of resources. Korea has plenty of biological diversity and shows diverse distribution of pathogens. Now pathogens must be identified as not a subject of conquest but a concept of resource. For systematic research of pathogens, the first thing is that databases the data accumulated until now and integrate the related data. These efforts ultimatly will present useful resources to agricultural related field and universities, and through constructing infrastucture these efforts will serve the bases of increase of bioinformatics research field.

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