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Interactive Database of Biodiversity Studies on Terrestrial Arthropod Animals of Korea


Arthropoda such as insects, crabs, and shrimps, take over 80% of all animal species in the world, and are considered to be the major group of animals on biodiversity studies. Researching on the biodiversities of our own country, Korea is not only our right but also our duty in terms of international cooperations for the earth biodiversity and its conservation, especially when our industrial trend is for saving ecosystem and environment. Thus, we need to study even more broadly on our biodiversity as our bioresources are our food-, natural enemy- and industrial resources. The purpose of this study is keeping up our previous work on this database and finally add more than half of all the related reference data into our database system. In studying biodiversity, taxonomy is the major area that we must first focus on but its characteristic, in which the older the paper is, the more important its significance on species description is, makes us difficult to study biodiversity effectively. In addition, taxonomy-related database is not available in Korea, even if we have as most of relational reference databases it is not very worthwhile since not every reference summary or abstract includes all the species names of the paper. Therefore, it is a much-needed to have a database where we can search both informations on papers and the informations on its included species. Finally our database has to be created in English for internationalization through English-written contents.

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