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BCCM/IHEM - Biomedical Fungi and Yeasts Collection


Holding: Over 6,500 strains, mostly filamentous and yeast-like fungi of public health or related environmental interest. Special attention is given not only to fungi pathogenic for man or animal but also to allergenic species (Alternaria and Cladosporum). The collection holds various subcollections of fungi linked to specific diseases: for example a subcollection of over 500 Aspergillus fumigatus and over 300 Candida albicans strains isolated from human invasive diseases. Also present are important collections of keratinophilic fungi (dermatophytes, mainly Trichophyton and Microsporum) and black yeasts (Exophiala, Phialophora).

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Belgium Biodiversity Platform

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Apr 3, 2007

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