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BCCM/LMG - Laboratory of Microbiology Gent Bacteria Collection


The Laboratorium voor Microbiologie (LMG) at the Faculty of Sciences University Gent holds more than 16,000 bacteria strains representing some 1,300 species, subspecies or pathovars. Over 16,000 strains, representing some 1,300 species, subspecies or pathovars, encompassing plant associated and phytopathogenic bacteria (pseudomonads, xanthomonads, erwiniae, agrobacteria, coryneforms, etc.), bacteria of medical or veterinary importance (Arcobacter, Campylobacter, Helicobacter, aeromonads, flavobacteria, bordetellae, enterococci, streptococci), marine bacteria (Vibrio) and various groups of biotechnological interest (such as lactic acid and acetic acid bacteria, N2 fixers, clostridia, bacilli, streptomycetes, agrobacteria, etc.). Most of the commonly used control, test and bioassay strains are incorporated.

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Apr 3, 2007

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