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Australian National Herbarium (CANB)


The total Australian National Herbarium (ANH) collection (Canberra [CANB] and Atherton [QRS]) comprises approximately 1.4 million specimens, including about 8251 type specimens. Particularly comprehensive collections are held for Australasian bryophytes and lichens, Myrtaceae (especially Eucalyptus and Melaleuca-Callistemon), Orchidaceae, Sapindaceae, Lauraceae, Portulacaceae and some sections of Poaceae, Rutaceae, Proteaceae and Fabaceae. A strong representation of Papua New Guinean material derives from past CSIRO involvement in that area and a comprehensive specialist collection of tropical Australian rain forest species is held at Atherton (>100 000 collections). Voucher material for the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) Living Collections and the ANBG Photographic Collection is clearly identified and accessible; the status of associated live material at ANBG, representing c. one third of the Australian vascular flora, is available on-line ( The existence of properly vouchered herbarium specimens for ANBG's live plants is critical for the scientific integrity and ongoing usefulness of scientific studies using those plants (e.g. for DNA extracts).

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