Swiss National Dragonflies Databank

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Swiss National Dragonflies Databank


Database with records of various origins, assembling literature data, digitized collection data and recent observational records provided to the CSCF. Proportionally, this latter resource represents the most important one and is the result of the network activities of voluntary collaborators, internally operated projects (Red List Project) and impact studies, but also includes data from PhD and master theses. The data cover a period from 1835 to our days. Records have been reviewed according to a standardized validation procedure ( Digitized collection data for specimens hosted in Swiss institutions have been excluded from this resource as already part of the corresponding institutional dataset. Nomenclature has been reviewed within the Swiss participation in the Pan-European Species Directory Infrastructure PESI (Fauna Europaea).

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Centre Suisse de Cartographie de la Faune - CSCF

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May 29, 2012

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BioCASe Installation Centre Suisse de Cartographie de la Faune - CSCF


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