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The Himalayan Uplands Plant database (HUP Version 1)


This unique and huge data set contains plant information for the Himalaya Uplands; it consists of 164,360 records. This database is implemented in MS ACCESS following ABCD 1.2. It describes Asian plant species related to the Tibetan Plateau, Central Asia. Data have been collected for over 50 years, and in over 11 countries (e.g. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan, China,India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyztan, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), covering over 220 national regions. Taxonomic information for this region is diverse and not well studied. However, the database follows ICBN taxonomy matched with ITIS and consists of over 5,562 unique species entries. From these, ITIS has 996 species listed. Over 2,200 collectors from all over the world contributed to this dataset, which mostly was compiled and maintained by the author for over 20 years. This database covers 21,869 localities. virtually all sites are georeferenced with latitude and longitude (2 decimals; geographic datum of WGS84), and 6,668 of such unique locations are found in the HUP database. This dataset has altitude information provided by the fieldworker.

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