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Liste taxonomique des serpents et autres reptiles du Togo


We present here an annotated list of the 91 snake species currently recorded from Togo, West Africa. Seven species are here recorded for the first time from this country: Calabaria reinhardtii, Hapsidophrys lineatus, Lycophidion nigromaculatum, Philothamnus carinatus, Leptotyphlops cf.narirostris, Letheobia crossi and Typhlops lineolatus. Main morphological data of examined specimens are provided. Some taxonomical problems are pointed out and discussed. The distribution of these species is detailed. We also provide a short discussion on the snake trade in Togo.

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Gabriel Hoinsoude Segniagbeto
BP6057, Lomé, Région maritime TG (+228) 90 09 96 59


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Université de Lomé

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Jun 21, 2014

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