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Entomological collections, UiB


The Entomological collections contain research material of all extant terrestrial and aquatic arthropod groups except crustaceans:Hexapoda, Myriopoda, Tardigrada, Arachnoidea and Cheliceratea.

More than 430 000 needle mounted insects have been identified with genus or species names and an additional number identified to family level. Moreover, the collection contains about 42,000 tubes with ethanol-fixed insects identified to genus or species level, and 29,000 slides (mainly aphids and chironomids).

Of other terrestrial arthropods we have more than 15,000 tubes with ethanol-fixed material of spiders determined to species or genus. In addition, we have more than 1200 dried galls and mines.

The bulk of the material is from the last 70-80 years and is available for loan to other scientific institutions for the purpose of scientific studies. Other persons must make arrangement with a local institution that may be willing to take responsibility for the loan.

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May 8, 2017

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