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Biodiversity records from Ireland - general


The records in this dataset are general records of different taxonomic groups submitted to the National Biodiversity Data Centre. This provides a temporary facility to store and make available data submitted to the Centre, until such time as subsets of the data can be added to a recognised national database.

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Date range: Jan 1, 1974 - Jan 1, 2016

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Dr. Liam Lysaght
Collated by the National Biodiversity Data Centre from different sources Beechfield House, Carriganore, WIT West Campus, Waterford + 353 51 306240
Metadata author
National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland Beechfield house, Carriganore WIT West Campus County Waterford Ireland +353 (0)51 306 240
Administrative contact
National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland Beechfield house, Carriganore WIT West Campus Waterford County Waterford Ireland +353 (0)51 306 240


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National Biodiversity Data Centre

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Aug 26, 2016

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Jul 4, 2011

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The island of Ireland


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Taxonomic Coverage

Species Groups recorded: acarine (Acari), alga, annelid, bony fish (Actinopterygii), cartilagenous fish (Chondricht, centipede, coelenterate (=cnidarian), crustacean, echinoderm, flatworm (Turbellaria), fungus, harvestman (Opiliones), insect - beetle (Coleoptera), insect - bristletail (Archaeog, insect - caddis fly (Trichopte, insect - dragonfly (Odonata), insect - earwig (Dermaptera), insect - hymenopteran, insect - lacewing (Neuroptera), insect - mayfly (Ephemeroptera, insect - moth, insect - orthopteran, insect - silverfish (Thysanura, insect - stonefly (Plecoptera), insect - true bug (Hemiptera), insect - true fly (Diptera), jawless fish (Agnatha), lichen, millipede, mollusc, moss, sea spider (Pycnogonida), slime mould, spider (Araneae), sponge (Porifera), springtail (Collembola), tunicate (Urochordata).


Quality control

The bulk of the records contained in this dataset are from either professional recorders or highly competent recorders working in a voluntary capacity. Not all of the data has been validated.

Method Steps

  1. Data collected by different survey methods, but principally by direct field observation.