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Herbarium of the Université Libre de Bruxelles


The dried plant collection consists of more than 200,000 sheets stored by country or region. In each country, collections are in alphabetical order for species within genera, genera within families, and families within the divisions of Angiosperms, Gymnosperms and ferns. It includes 334 type specimens. All types in our collection have been entered in our herbarium database and a digitalised image is available on Aluka. The majority of the samples originates from Africa and was gathered by our own staff. The best represented countries in the collection are Congo (RDC), Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville, São Tomé and Príncipe, Benin, Cameroon and Gabon. Collectors which have contributed substantially to our collection, are: Paul Duvigneaud, Jean Lejoly, Ingrid Parmentier, Bruno Senterre, Tariq Stévart, Vincent Droissart and Gilles Dauby.

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