Culture Collection of Algae

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Culture Collection of Algae


The CCAC is a public algal culture collection registered with the WFCC (No. 807) and the ECCO, located at the University of Cologne, Germany. The collection of ex situ microalgae maintains more than 4000 strains from around the world in four modern walk-in growth chambers operated at different temperatures. The strains are clonal or single cell isolates, if not otherwise stated. Most of these cultures were established by members or guests of the "Melkonian group" and are held exclusively by the CCAC. Most of the strains in the CCAC derive from freshwater/terrestrial habitats (85%), the remaining 15% represent marine and brackish water strains. 15% of the strains are axenic. Approximately 40% of the strains are currently available to the public. More details are available at

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Jörg Holetschek
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Dr. Barbara Melkonian