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Checklist dataset published by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

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Catalogue of Life China, 2013 Annual Checklist(Biodiversity Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Organized by the Biodiversity Committee of Chinese Academy of Sciences (BC-CAS),Catalogue of Life China 2013 Annual Checklist edition has been compiled by Species 2000 China Node, published by Science Press and released during the 3rd National Biodiversity Informatics Conference in Shanghai on September 14. Consistent with the Species 2000 data standard, each species page includes scientific name, synonyms, common name, literature, classification system, distribution and Chinese name with Pinyin. The reviewers for each record are also listed. There are 66708 species, 9754infraspecific taxa, 95362 synonyms and 32327 common names in this edition, including 7 kingdoms, 30 phylums, 83 classes, 397 orders, 1 959 families and 11 731 genera. Compare with the last edition, another 6 000 species orinfraspecific taxa and more than 170 000 Latin are added. The main change in the 2013 edition are:about 4000 species or infraspecific taxa were added in Animalia Arthropoda; about 1800 species or infraspecific taxa were added in Fungi Basidiomycota; about 250 species or infraspecific taxa were added in Plantae Angiosperms; about 390 species or infraspecific taxa were added in Protozoa, Amoeba. The national annual species checklist has been compiled and released since 2008 by the participants of Species 2000 China Node, together with more than 100 domestic and overseas taxonomists. It follows the data standard of the Standard Dataset of the Species 2000, and provides the Catalogue of Life China to all users in the world.

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