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Observations of vascular plants by botanists from the period 1901-1949. Data have been collected in 1.3 x 1 km grid squares. The entire country of the Netherlands was surveyed. Since records are currently being digitized, the FLORIVON dataset is still growing. We estimate the final number of records on 1,300,000. We digitize 200,000 records per year and hope to finish the digitizing project in 2018.


The data was collected for the publication of the Atlas Nederlandse Flora (published between 1980 and 1989). Data will now be used to complement the flora datasets maintained by FLORON in the National Database Flora and Fauna.

Temporal coverages

Date range: Jan 1, 1860 - Dec 31, 1953

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Laurens Sparrius
database administrator
FLORON Toernooiveld 1 6525 ED Nijmegen Netherlands
Metadata author
Laurens Sparrius
database administrator
FLORON Toernooiveld 1 6525 ED Nijmegen Netherlands
Administrative contact
Laurens Sparrius
database administrator
FLORON Toernooiveld 1 6525 ED Nijmegen Netherlands


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Dutch Foundation for Botanical Research (FLORON)

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Dec 19, 2016

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May 23, 2014

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The Netherlands


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Other Contacts

Berry van der Hoorn
Contact for physical FLORIVON archive
Naturalis Biodiversity Center Leiden Netherlands
Point of contact
Henk de Vries
NLBIF Leiden Netherlands
Joop van Heeswijk
data entry / editor
FLORON Netherlands
Principal investigator
Laurens Sparrius

Taxonomic Coverage

All vascular plants

Plantae (Plants)

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Study area description

The Netherlands

Design description

Sampling of grid squares (species lists)



Project Personnel

Principal investigator
Laurens Sparrius



Study extent

The survey consisted of single visits of a half to one day in map squares of approximately 1,3 x 1 km until most of the country had been sampled.

Sampling description

During single visits of a half to one day all vascular plants were registered on a species list.

Quality control

Older nomenclature has been converted into newer nomenclature (Heukels' flora 2005). Observations were checked against the plant atlas (Atlas Nederlandse Flora) with a coarser grid. Observations that would lead to a new 5 x 5 km grid cells are temporarily omitted. To do when digitizing is finished: * check records that could not be validated (not yet published in GBIF) * split lumped taxa (if possible) * final check of selected taxa by experts

Method Steps

  1. * data entry in Turboveg with adapted taxon list (names en numbers cf. Prodromus Florae Batavae) * conversion of taxon names to currently accepted names. We use 'taxon combinations' if lumped taxa were recorded * data validation against generalized distribution maps of the Atlas Nederlandse Flora, which is an edited abstraction of the current dataset * conversion of IVON grid system shapefile to WGS84 WKT strings * conversion to MySQL database for publication in IPT * estimated total project costs / time: 120 k€ / 5 years (to be finished in 2018)

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FLORIVON map archive