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University of Amsterdam (NL) - Páramo pollen reference collection


Pollen samples from Páramo plants collected by A.M. Cleef and from various herbaria. The collection is used as a reference collection for palynological research.


Identification of fossil pollen grains to support reconstructions of environmental change, climatic change, and human impact on landscapes

Additional Information

Original microscope slides are located at the University of Amsterdam, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, Science Park 904, 1098 SM Amsterdam.

Temporal coverages

Date range: Jan 1, 1903 - Mar 18, 2013

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Henry Hooghiemstra
University of Amsterdam P.O. Box 94248 NL-1090 GE Amsterdam Netherlands +31 20 525785
Metadata author
A. Lyaruu
University of Amsterdam P.O. Box 94248 NL-1090 GE Amsterdam Netherlands
Administrative contact
Henry Hooghiemstra
University of Amsterdam P.O. Box 94248 NL-1090 GE Amsterdam Netherlands +31 20 525785


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University of Amsterdam / IBED

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Jul 14, 2015

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Mar 13, 2013

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Andean South America, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, more


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Other Contacts

Cees Hof
Node Manager
NLBIF P.O. Box 93102 NL-1090 BC AMSTERDAM Netherlands +31 20 5255496
Principal investigator
Henry Hooghiemstra
University of Amsterdam P.O. Box 94248 NL-1090 GE Amsterdam Netherlands +31 20 525785
A.M. Cleef
University of Amsterdam Netherlands
A.L. Philip
University of Amsterdam P.O. Box 94248 NL-1090 GE Amsterdam Netherlands +31 20 5257844
A. Lyaruu
University of Amsterdam Netherlands
Content provider
A. M. Cleef

Taxonomic Coverage

List of Vascular families according to Luteyn (1999)

Acanthaceae, Actinidiaceae, Adiantaceae, Alstroemeriaceae, Apiaceae, Apocynaceae, Araliaceae, Aspleniaceae, Bartramiaceae, Begoniaceae, Berberidaceae, Bignoniaceae, Blechnaceae, Boraginaceae, Brassicaceae, Bromeliaceae, Cactaceae, Calceolariaceae, Campanulaceae, Caprifoliaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Chloranthaceae, Cleomaceae, Clethraceae, Clusiaceae, Columelliaceae, Compositae, Convolvulaceae, Coriariaceae, Crassulaceae, Cunoniaceae, Cyatheaceae, Cyperaceae, Dennstaedtiaceae, Dicksoniaceae, Dicranaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Dryopteridaceae, Ebenaceae, Elaeocarpaceae, Equisetaceae, Ericaceae, Eriocaulaceae, Escalloniaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Gentianaceae, Gesneriaceae, Grammitidaceae, Grossulariaceae, Haloragaceae, Hymenophyllaceae, Hypericaceae, Iridaceae, Isoetaceae, Juncaceae, Lamiaceae, Lauraceae, Leguminosae, Lentibulariaceae, Loganiaceae, Lomariopsidaceae, Loranthaceae, Lycopodiaceae, Lythraceae, Malvaceae, Melanthiaceae, Melastomataceae, Myricaceae, Myrtaceae, Onagraceae, Ophioglossaceae, Orchidaceae, Oxalidaceae, Papaveraceae, Pentaphylacaceae, Phyllanthaceae, Phytolaccaceae, Piperaceae, Plagiogyriaceae, Plantaginaceae, Poaceae, Podocarpaceae, Polygalaceae, Polygonaceae, Polypodiaceae, Portulacaceae, Potamogetonaceae, Primulaceae, Proteaceae, Ranunculaceae, Rosaceae, Rubiaceae, Salicaceae, Santalaceae, Sapindaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Solanaceae, Symplocaceae, Thelypteridaceae, Thymelaeaceae, Urticaceae, Verbenaceae, Violaceae, Vittariaceae, Winteraceae, Woodsiaceae, Xanthorrhoeaceae, Xyridaceae, Gunneraceae, Amaranthaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Araceae, Balanophoraceae, Brunelliaceae, Ephedraceae, Garryaceae, Geraniaceae, Hydrocharitaceae, Juncaginaceae, Montiaceae, Orobanchaceae, Phrymaceae, Styracaceae

Páramo pollen reference collection

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Study area description

Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica

Design description

genera according to Luteyn (1999)



Project Personnel

Content provider
A. M. Cleef



Study extent

páramo occurs between ~200 m and ~ 4500 m elevation

Sampling description

checklist by Luteyn (1999) has been followed

Quality control

scientific names are validated against The Plantlist (, Tropicos (, IPNI (

Method Steps

  1. n/a

Collection name

Páramo pollen reference collection

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Specimen Preservation method

Microscopic preparation


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