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Small Mammal Research Database


This is a part of a research database of Dept. of Ecology, containing results of a study of ecology of small mammals. The material has been collected in the western-central part of Poland close to the of village Turew. The area is mainly of agricultural character, where woodlots are sorrouned by extensive crop fields. The study area involved six woodlots of diferent size (from 1,5 ha to 9,5 ha) and isolation, varying in distance to neighboring forest patches from 5 m to approximately 900 m. To estimate the effects of spatial distibution and variability habitat patches in a landscape on population dynamics of small rodents the CMR (catch-mark-release) method was used. Thirteen trapping sessions, five day each, have been made during three years (1995 to 1997) of studies. References: Kozakiewicz M., Gortat T., Kozakiewicz A., Barkowska M. 1999. Effects of habitat fragmentation on four rodents species in a Polish farm landscape. Landscape Ecol. 14:391-400; Kozakiewicz M., van Apeldoorn R., Bergers P., Gortat T., Kozakiewicz A. 2000. Landscape approach to bank vole ecology. Pol. J. Ecol. 48:149-161.

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