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Zoological Museum Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam (NL) – Mammalia


The mammal collection of the Zoological Museum Amsterdam (ZMA) currently holds about 30,000 specimens. It started as a zoological and anatomical collection and the first director of ZMA, Max Weber is famous for his influential handbook Die Säugetiere, which appeared in the early 1900s. His assistant J.H. Kruimel collected many mammal fossils in South Chile and in the 1930s, A.C.V. van Bemmel collected fossils in Tegelen, among which the first cercopithecine for the Netherlands. At this time the ZMA collection was enlarged with those of the Amsterdam Zoo (including the zoological collection of Vrolik). Van Bemmel went to Indonesia and donated his mammal collection from Indonesia to ZMA. Since 1960, P.J.H. van Bree became curator until 1992 and he started registering and reorganising the rapidly growing mammal collection. Specimens are from all orders from all over the world, but especially collected in South East Asia (e.g. Indonesia), Africa and Europe. Currently, there are 123 type specimens, such as the unique holotype of fossil cetacean Vanbreenia trigonia, and 6 holotypes of Chiroptera. Other highlights are a Blue Buck (Hippotragus leucophaeus) skull and a mounted specimen of the last living Quagga (Equus quagga quagga).

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