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Wicken Fen nature reserve species data held by The National Trust


Wicken Fen nature reserve has been owned by The National Trust since 1899 with the acquisition of 2 acres and now extends to over 770 ha. Records in this dataset are mainly derived from information submitted to The National Trust Wicken Fen property. The vast majority of the data were collected by volunteers, staff and from visiting experts. Additional data have been extracted from literature, Museums and professional surveys. Most records have been validated by experts. Species name changes have been incorporated when informed, but this is less consistent for older records. Wicken Fen is the best recorded site in the whole of the National Trust, with well over 9000 species and recording is continuing and encouraged.


The data were, and continue to be, acquired to compile the species list of Wicken Fen nature reserve. Species data are also used to assess the conservation status of the reserve and the effects of changes in the site management or environment.

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Date range: 01-Jan-1785 - 30-Jan-2017

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The dataset is for land currently owned by The National Trust at Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire, which is about 770 hectares, of which the core SSSI, NNR and SAC is 255 ha. In the last 2 decades the Trust… more


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Quality control

There is high confidence is the majority of the data held, as it had been checked for a peer-reviewed published Wicken Fen Checklist (1999). The quality and depth of records are variable between taxonomic groups. The vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens, Coleoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera and Trichoptera datasets are the best researched. Some of the older data have not been checked for current taxonomic splits or aggregations. The bird data are only an extract of a much more comprehensive dataset held by the Wicken Fen Ringing Group.

Method Steps

  1. The records include observations of species from fieldwork and submitted to The National Trust, plus data obtained from published literature and Museum specimens. The records are compiled from many sources and do not conform to any one method.