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The Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility (NLBIF) was established by the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) and the Ministry for Education, Culture and Science (OCW). NLBIF is an independent foundation but physically hosted by UvA's Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED). The Ministry of OCW is currently the primary funding body, but both the UvA as well as NWO supported NLBIF financially in the early days.


NLBIF's statutory mission is: (1) to act as the national (data) node for GBIF; (2) to act as the national platform for the international exchange and sharing of biodiversity data, information and knowledge available in The Netherlands and elsewhere; and (3) to encourage development and application of information technology to support data management, exchange, analysis and electronic distribution of biodiversity information worldwide.

Vision and Mission 

NLBIF's vision is the creation of a biodiversity data cloud from the Netherlands open to anybody.

The mission of NLBIF is to educate and discuss the virtues of open biodiversity data, to support data owners with the standardisation and online publication of their biodiversity data and to investigate and demonstrate the possibilities of the use of biodiversity data in an advanced e-science environment.

The NLBIF strategy is to build on the efforts of others and harvest and connect multi-disciplinary knowledge in a smart way. We invest in already exciting infrastructures with a focus on interoperability.


The governance structure of NLBIF is currently being revised.

National Funding 

The Ministry for Education, Culture and Science (OCW), is NLBIF’s primary funding body. Within the Ministry it is the Department of Research and Science Policy (OWB) that takes care of both the support for NLBIF as well as the basic financial contribution to GBIF.


Eli van der Heide
Ministry of Education, Culture and SciencePO Box 163752500 BJ Den HaagNetherlands+31 (0) 70 412 33 07
Head of Delegation
Cees Hof
Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility (NLBIF)PO Box 931021090 BC AmsterdamNetherlands+31 20 525 54 96
Additional Delegate
Cees Hof
Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility (NLBIF)PO Box 931021090 BC AmsterdamNetherlands+31 20 525 54 96
Node Manager

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