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Head of Delegation

Assori Itoua Ngaporo

Participant Node Manager

Emile Kami

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Congo joined GBIF in 2011, and the head of the National Herbarium of Congo Brazzaville was appointed Node Manager.

Vision and Mission 

The national node of Congo is based at the National Herbarium of Congo Brazaville, with a focus on Congo’s flora, including maintaining collections and a botanic garden, and supporting studies on traditional knowledge relating to the medicinal properties of plants and on ecosystem functioning to support land-use planning and sustainable use.


The node team consists of the Head of delegation, the Deputy Head of delegation and the Node Manager. There is no board for the node, but experts are available to be engaged in future activities.

National Funding 

There is currently no budget specifically allocated to the node’s activity.


Assori Itoua Ngaporo
General Delegate
Ministry of Scientific Research and Technical InnovationMinistry of Scientific Research and Technical Innovation General Delegation of Scientific and Technical Research 13 Avenue Charles de Gaulle2499 BrazzavilleCongo
Head of Delegation
Mathieu Ndounga
Centre d’Etudes sur les Ressources Végétales Centre d’Etude sur les Ressources Végetales Enceinte ex ORSTROM chemin de l’Auberge de GascogneBP 1249 BrazzavilleCongo+242 526 05 06/+242 697 73 70
Additional Delegate
Emile Kami
Responsable de l'Herbier National du Congo
Centre d’Etudes sur les Ressources Végétales Laboratoire de Botanique de CERVE Congo
Node Manager