Data use to inform decisions on biodiversity conservation and public health in Benin

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Ackee (Blighia sapida), Benin. Photo 2014 Rainer Skrovny via iNaturalist Research-grade Observations, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

This project is designed to provide data solutions to support expressed decisions making of three government institutions.

Workshops with decision-makers examine their data needs, analyze gaps and identify relevant data holdings for mobilization. Data needs will then be adequately identified and, data mobilization in free access databases like GBIF, data gap analysis on available data, and complementary data mobilization in data holdings will be planned. Data mobilization, data and checklist publications on GBIF site will then be achieved.

Under the supervision of trainers and project advisor, graduate students will develop Master's research topics responding to decision-makers' key questions, analysing and addressing policy-relevant data needs.

Following the evaluation process by end-users, a plan will be set in place through partnership agreements between parties so as to enable the establishment of workflows and refinement of data mobilization and data solutions to fit more conveniently in decisions making during and beyond the project.

Data solutions will be used in national biodiversity policy and international biodiversity platforms. Indicators towards the achievements of SDG and CBD targets as well as information on biodiversity assessments will be provided to end-users.

We will assess the impact of these activities using the following indicators:

  • The number of occurrence and checklist records published on
  • The number of data solutions / use cases provided to support decisions
  • The number of decisions supported
  • The number of data papers published

Workflows for data mobilization will be established and refined during and after the project to fit more conveniently in decision-making processes.

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Type of grant
Data-use grant
2021年4月1日 - 2023年3月1日
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Jean Cossi GANGLO
University of Abomey-Calavi, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
03 BP 2819 Cotonou
229 Calavi

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