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Translation ahead: the home page already translates the tagline 'Free and open access to biodiversity data' for users whose browser language preferences are already set to French, Spanish, Russian or Simplified Chinese.

On 17 August, we introduced a new version of Rather than bore or overwhelm you all at once, we plan to highlight a series of the new features and components we think you'll enjoy, appreciate and use most. This page is updated as new items are added to the series.

Featured data uses: February 2017

*19 October 2017

Literature, data use and how it's all linked

13 October 2017

Featured data uses

11 October 2017

Using filters and facets on

13 September 2017

The GBIF network: country by country, region by region

29 August 2017

Suggest a dataset tool

25 August 2017

Sorting out top species in search results

22 August 2017

The new homepage

21 August 2017

Occurrence search: Gallery view

18 August 2017

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