A simple, yet robust GBIF API-based web software that can assist researchers in verifying species names, collecting occurrences, and automatically cross-checking the data for errors, before finally allowing the user to download a cleaned up set of occurrences.

It is important to easily and efficiently obtain high quality species distribution data for predict- ing the potential distribution of species using species distribution models (SDMs). There is a need for a powerful software tool to automatically or semi-automatically assist in identifying and correcting errors. Here, we use Python to develop a web-based software tool (SDMdata) to easily collect occurrence data from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and check species names and the accuracy of coordinates (latitude and longitude). It is an open source software (GNU Affero General Public License/AGPL licensed) allowing anyone to ac- cess and manipulate the source code. SDMdata is available online free of charge from

Tool: SDMdata

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Kong, X., Huang, M., & Duan, R. (2015). SDMdata: A Web-Based Software Tool for Collecting Species Occurrence Records. PloS ONE, 10(6), e0128295.