Atlas of Living Australia Sandbox

The Atlas of Living Australia offers an online service where biodiversity data can be quickly checked for inconsistencies and data quality issues. Data can be pasted into a text box or uploaded as a .csv or .xls, .xlsx file to their servers.

The tool checks the data against Australian National Species Lists and runs ~100 tests against the supplied fields using environmental and geographical databases. The Sandbox may give unexpected results for data from other geographical regions.

The tests can be found at

If the column header names match Darwin Core Standard terms, the Sandbox will be able to understand the data and therefore tests will be more comprehensive and reliable.

The Sandbox of the Atlas of Living Australia provides a simple way of checking data before submitting it to data publishers. The Sandox will up up to 100 tests depending on the fields provided and report back any ASSERTIONS it can infer from the uploaded data against other data held at the Atlas of Living Australia. For example, if species names match those in the National Species Lists, and latitude and longitude of the observation are supplied, the Sandbox can check if the observation is within the expected environmental envelope.

We hope that in 2016, the Sandbox will have a button that will solicit metadata of the dataset and allow submission of the data and metadata to the Atlas with the return of a DOI to the user.

Tool: Atlas of Living Australia Sandbox

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The Atlas of Living Australia