Indicia, the open source wildlife recording toolkit

The Indicia toolkit makes easy to create biodiversity data recording websites, such as iRecord ( It gives you the elements that an IT team (with knowledge of PHP and Javascript) can use to build the system over a Drupal server.

Indicia provides a solution for developing online biological recording. A toolkit that simplifies the construction of websites, Indicia supports wildlife observation recording forms that are as simple or advanced as you need, allow photo upload, reporting, mapping and verification of the records. By providing these facilities via a comprehensive set of highly configurable components, Indicia can be used to build diverse and unique recording solutions, which avoid reinventing the wheel and minimise the cost of development.

Indicia is not an off the shelf solution for online recording. Rather, it is a toolkit that simplifies the development by providing ready-made components required to build online recording websites. Indicia provides a set of services, tools and examples that can be added to almost any website to provide rich online recording functionality.

Tool: Indicia, the open source wildlife recording toolkit

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