Facilitating the engagement of Ibero­-American community

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Screenshot from SiB Colombia video (2015), "¿Qué es el SiB Colombia?"

Building on SiB Colombia’s earlier success in developing stylish and substantive videos, this collaboration with GBIF Spain aims to produce new learning and promotional resources that serve to bridge one of the linguistic gaps in the GBIF network.

A video tutorial serves as the centrepiece, explaining the data publishing process in simple language that increases the context and relevance for Spanish-speaking communities. An accompanying toolkit that includes movie scripts, graphics, interview formats and multimedia reference materials, will assist other nodes and communities to make videos for their own communities.

By making the work of the Colombian and Spanish nodes more accessible for their own national audiences, the project team seeks to spark greater engagement with Spanish-speaking communities across the GBIF network.

€ 4,000
Co funding
€ 15,800
1 Jul 2016 - 1 Jun 2017

€ 4,000 funded by