Three network projects awarded 2016 capacity enhancement support grants

A total of €23,300 in funding will support the work of GBIF nodes and partners in five countries while addressing priority areas of interest within the network.

Three projects from GBIF’s international network have received a total of €23,300 in capacity enhancement grants that support the work of partners in five countries while addressing priority areas of interest in training certification, fitness for use and filling data gaps.

The projects receiving support are:

To address the GBIF network’s self-identified needs, the capacity enhancement support programme encourages knowledge transfer and collaboration at both regional and global levels. The 2016 grants build on a collective investment of €52,000 that other sources have already committed to these three projects.

GBIF Portugal seminar in Guinee-Bissau

The collaboration between GBIF Portugal and GBIF Spain will extend the reach of previous training activities, like this recent GBIF Portugal seminar in Guinee-Bissau. Photo courtesy of Nó Português do GBIF.