New portal builds visitor numbers in first month

The new GBIF portal attracted nearly 70,000 visitors during the month since its launch on 9 October, with over 3,000 download requests covering 27 billion records.

Nearly 70,000 visitors from 206 countries and territories visited the GBIF portal during the month following its launch on 9 October.

Visitor numbers rose steadily week by week, peaking at nearly 5,000 visitors per day by the end of the period, according to data gathered through Google Analytics.

Since the launch, users requested more than 3,000 data downloads, covering a total of over 27 billion records.

The top ten countries sending visitors to the portal were the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Canada, India, Brazil, France and Italy (see table below).

Metrics for the first month of the new portal include:

  • 69,355 unique visitors

  • 27.6 billion records prepared in 3,178 downloads for 864 users (users may not have completed all downloads once prepared)

  • 323,576 page views

  • 3.67 pages per visit

  • 2 minutes 51 seconds average visit duration

In recent days, the informatics team at the GBIF Secretariat began the new system of real-time indexing of data published through the network. This means that when institutions register new biodiversity datasets with GBIF, the records are visible on the portal and available for download within minutes or hours. Under the previous system, GBIF refreshed the data only periodically, and it could take weeks or even months for changes and new data to appear.

The real-time indexing system is being monitored and brought online gradually, with nearly 175,000 records updated by the time of this release. Users can now filter for recently-modified data records, for example in this example showing records updated since the beginning of November.

For more details, please contact:

Tim Hirsch, GBIF Secretariat