(closed) Call for nominations for inaugural GBIF Node Awards: EXTENDED

New programme highlights the accomplishments of teams coordinating GBIF-related activities for their participant countries and organizations
Deadline: 25 AUGUST 2023

This call is closed

The call for nominations for the first GBIF Node Awards is now open. All GBIF participant nodes are eligible, and node managers are encouraged to submit nominations on behalf of their team by the deadline on Friday, 25 August 2023.

This non-monetary award programme recognizes the teams that coordinate GBIF-related activities for participant countries and organizations in two categories of achievement:

  • The Excellence Award recognizes the progress that nodes have made across critical service areas including support for science and research, policy- and decision-making, community engagement, and technical support for biodiversity data management.
  • The Global Impact Award celebrates novel initiatives that contribute to the broader delivery of GBIF's strategic framework with the potential to benefit the entire GBIF network.

By recognizing the key contributions that nodes make toward GBIF's overall mission, the awards will strengthen connections between delegations and nodes and encourage sharing of guiding examples and best practices capable of inspiring wider adoption and accomplishment across the network.

"The work that nodes perform is central to the many accomplishments of GBIF network," said Anne-Sophie Archambeau, node manager of GBIF France and current chair of the Nodes Committee. "By recognizing the best examples of performance and innovation, the GBIF Node Awards will raise the visibility of these efforts and help community members and stakeholders understand and celebrate the unique contributions that nodes made to our collective success."

The Node Awards seek to raise the visibility and amplify the impact of the teams functioning as focal points for both national and institutional activities within the GBIF network. By sharing best practices and guiding examples from around the world, the awards hope to show proven approaches and methods that other nodes can adopt.

To ensure recognition of new and well-established nodes alike, nominations will assess achievements over a two-year time period, providing ample time to make progress beyond a baseline set of conditions. The initial call for nominations will review nodes' accomplishments between July 2021 and June 2023.

An expert jury will review the nominations and select the winners prior to the biennial Global Nodes Meeting, held every other year prior to the GBIF Governing Board. The inaugural winners will be announced in October 2023 at the nodes meeting and at GB30 in Canberra.

Node managers and staff members with questions about the awards are encouraged to contact nodes@gbif.org.

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Submitting nominations to the GBIF Grants Portal

Node managers must have an account on the GBIF Grants Portal to submit an award nomination. If they do not already have an account, they should register and create one as early as possible, as the account verification process can take up to two (2) working days. Any requests/enquiries sent to CESP@gbif.org should receive responses within three (3) working days.