GBIF.org现在提供中文 is now available in Chinese

Professor MA during his opening talk. Photo by LI Min.
Professor MA during his opening talk. Photo by LI Min.

The portal is now available in Chinese, primarily through the effort of volunteer translators from the GBIF network. The Institute of Botany at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) hosted an official launch ceremony for the Chinese interface in Beijing on 24 September 2019.

Organized by GBIF node at CAS and chaired by Professor MA Keping (who also serves as head of the CAS delegation to GBIF), the event featured remarks and presentations by Dr. XU Zheping, Node Manager of CAS, Joe Miller, Executive Secretary of GBIF and Dr. YANG Xiuhong, Deputy Director of the Institute of Botany, before a gathering of 70 guests.

Dr. YANG opened the event by welcoming the guests and congratulating the community on the successful launch of the Chinese language version of the website. Dr. XU emphasized the importance of having available in Chinese for the more than one billion native speakers and highlighted the place of GBIF in Chinese scientific literature, revealing the fact that more than 700 journal articles and dissertations have cited use of data from the GBIF network.

Special thanks to our volunteer translators (and their host institutions), without whom this milestone would not have been possible: