2020 collaborations confirmed for funding through capacity programme

Projects in Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin American and the Caribbean selected for funding through 2020 Capacity Enhancement Support Programme

Scarlet ibis (Eudocimus ruber), Caroni Swamp, Trinidad and Tobago. Photo 2018 Paul Prappas via iNaturalist Research-grade Observations, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

Four projects have been confirmed for funding in GBIF's 2020 Capacity Enhancement Support Programme (CESP), seeking to empower the global network through wider collaboration and engagement.

The selection panel approved these projects from a pool of 19 submissions, making for one of the most competitive annual cycles in CESP's seven-year history. The annual programme provides co-funding from GBIF's core budget to support collaborations among nodes involving capacity enhancement activities through mentoring, regional events and training workshops, and shared documentation.

The four confirmed projects collectively involve institutions from 17 Participant countries while individually

  • addressing capacity on data mobilization in the new member country of Belarus, as well as engaging new partners in Latvia and Lithuania
  • enhancing capacity for data mobilization and use for sustainable development in West Africa
  • mobilizing data on economically useful species in Malawi
  • collaborating on web-based tools for biodiversity data access in Latin America and the Caribbean

Details of a further funding award under the 2020 programme are still being finalized.

Project Lead Partners
Capacity building through regional cooperation for data mobilization in Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania GBIF Belarus
National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
GBIF Poland (KSIB), GBIF Estonia
Enhancing capacity to mobilize and use biodiversity data to support sustainable development in West Africa GBIF Ghana University of Kansas, GBIF Nigeria, GBIF Mauritania, UNEP-WCMC, U.S. Geological Survey, GBIF Liberia
Mobilizing endemic and economically useful species data for policy and protection GBIF Malawi
National Commission for Science and Technology
Malawi University of Science and Technology, Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi, SANBI , Museums of Malawi, National Herbarium and Botanical Gardens of Malawi, Endangered Wildlife Trust
From shared experiences to shared knowledge and common solutions: collaborating to improve web-based tools in Latin America and the Caribbean SiBBr VertNet, CONABIO, GBIF Ecuador, GBIF Costa Rica, GBIF Peru, GBIF Argentina, GBIF Chile, SiB Colombia