IPT-training workshop

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14 - 15 August 2017
00:00 - 00:00 CEST

This two-day workshop is held as a part of a BID project, Publishing metadata for biodiversity data generated from REDD+ projects in Tanzania (BID-AF2015-0069-SMA). The workshop is for holders of biodiversity data from REDD+ projects to enhance publishing.

The attendies are coming from different institutions, Miombo Conservation and Development Initiative (MCDI), COSTECH - TanBIF, the National Carbon Monitoring Center (NCMC), WWF - Tanzania Program Office (WWF-TPO), and some MSc students from the Department of Ecosystems and Conservation at Sokoine University of Agriculture.

This workshop covered following topics:

  • Global and national gateways for biodiversity data
  • Biodiversity informatics and REDD+ in Tanzania
  • Biodiversity data digitization
  • Data curation, formatting and transformation
  • Darwin Core Standards
  • Data publishing concepts and introduction to IPT
  • Data access via GBIF.org
  • Data paper

Participants had the opportunity to practically implement data publishing by preparing Darwin Core Archives and publishing existing datasets using IPT.

14 August 2017 00:00 - 15 August 2017 00:00