Bryophyte Workshop, Antananarivo

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27 Sep - 7 Oct 2018
 Workshop participants
Workshop participants. Photo by Catherine Reeb licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

This workshop, as part of the BID project to address the lack of biodiversity data on bryophytes in Madagascar (BRYOTAN), brought together specialists in bryophyte identification from September 23rd to October 7th 2018 at the project offices in Antananarivo.

The goals of this workshop was to identify the maximum of diversity of Malagasy Bryophytes, using TAN collections. Focusing on species-level identification, specialists were invited to participate in identifying samples from the TAN herbarium. All of the identified species were uploaded to the GBIF IPT and have contributed greatly to the records of the BRYOTAN project.
In attendance were four Masters students from Université d'Antananarivo and Mahajanga University. The workshop focused on providing training in bryophyte identification.

The workshop also included practical visits to the Mitsinjo Project area in the Analamozoatra Forest and to the Andasibe National Park. These planned visits allowed for new collections of bryophytes which will further enrich the collections of the TAN herbarium.

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27 Sep - 7 Oct 2018