Mobilizing collections while improving open data engagement in Namibia

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Aloe asperifolia
Aloe asperifolia observed in Namibia by Peter Erb (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Despite its aridity, Namibia contains a surprisingly high number of species and level of endemism (about 20 per cent). For the majority of species, little or no digital occurrence data is available.

This project is geared towards improving available biodiversity information from two national institutions—the National Museum of Namibia (NMN) and the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI)—together driving the establishment of a GBIF node in Namibia.

The project further aims to improve the use and relevance of biodiversity data from GBIF throughout the country, particularly for biodiversity conservation and management, policy implementation, research, and other pertinent national development goals.

The project will create and strengthen collaboration among research institutes, development practitioners, and policy-makers within Namibia, particularly around the gathering and use of biodiversity data.

The overall impacts will include increased availability and use of biodiversity data, which can be measured directly in the number of records published through GBIF and the number of use-cases recorded. This, in turn, will improve implementation of conservation and sustainable development goals, measurable in the number of decision-making use cases of the published data.

Another major impact will be the increased awareness of GBIF open data within Namibia, improving the drive towards both general and targeted data-contributions from local institutions, and increased data-use. This will be measurable in the number of institutions taking part in stakeholder engagement workshops, and those having adopted data policies or committed to publishing data to GBIF.

The long-term impacts of the available data on these broader goals may not be easily measurable within the project period, but can be projected based on the number of stakeholders reached through the project engagement.

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Type of grant
National biodiversity data mobilization grant
1 April 2021 - 1 March 2023
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Francois Becker
National Museum of Namibia
Robert Mugabe Avenue

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