GBIF 2010 Forward Look Report


This document provides thoughtful insight and analysis on the challenges and opportunities GBIF may face over the coming decade. The 2010 Forward Look Report contains specific recommendations on; priorities and objectives, further activities and initiatives, reduction or refocusing activities, which strategic partnerships are imperative to pursue for GBIF.


The Forward Look Team (FLT) has reviewed extensive information, considered key documents, and engaged in discussions with many players within and outside of the GBIF1 network. The FLT has contemplated major drivers in the biodiversity informatics world and the major challenges and opportunities for GBIF in the coming years. This report makes suggestions both at the horizon level (i.e., 5‐20 years into the future) and more immediately, with the latter considerations aimed at making the horizon‐level vision possible. In the considered opinion of the FLT, the core focus of GBIF in its next phase should continue to be on mobilizing large quantities of known‐quality primary biodiversity data, principally at the organism (species) level, that is as broadly representative, both geographically and taxonomically, as possible.


Peterson Townsend, A., Canhos, D., Gärdenfors, U., Scholes, R.J., Shirayama, Y.,


GBIF Secretariat

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GBIF Secretariat


Peterson, A.T., Canhos, D., Gärdenfors, U., Scholes, R.J. & Shirayama, Y. (2010) GBIF Forward Look Team. 2010 Forward Look Report. 45 pp. Global Biodiversity Information Facility, Copenhagen.