Publishing Camera Trap Data: A Best Practice Guide


This guide is a product of the Indo-Norwegian project "Capacity building for Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)", which focussed on capacity building in biodiversity informatics for enhanced decision-making, improved nature conservation and sustainable development. The pilot-project is actively supported by both the Indian and the Norwegian Governments.

This guide is a contribution to enhance the existing capacity in the capture and online publishing of a particular type of data: multimedia data captured through camera traps. By compiling the best practices on the many aspects to be considered while designing and executing projects using this data capture method, we aim to facilitate the work of project managers and participants for a more efficient project execution and the achievement of sound results.

The current version of the guide is based on thorough literature reviews and experiences from several camera-trapping projects in India, Norway and South Africa. Based on real user needs, user experiences, existing standards and technological frameworks we hope that this guide will catalyse the usage of camera-trapped biodiversity data in decision-making for a sustainable future.


Cadman M & González-Talaván A (eds.) (2014). Publishing Camera Trap Data: A Best Practice Guide. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Available online at

Athreya V, Chavan V, Ghosh M, Hanssen F, Harihar A, Hirsch T, Lindgaard A, Mathur VB, Mehlum F, Pandav B, Talukdar G & Vang R.