Logos and identity system

An overview of the GBIF logo, with guidelines on use and access to downloadable files

The GBIF logo, full version
The GBIF logo, full version

General guidelines

  • Partners and site owners that republish GBIF-mediated data and maps should, at a minimum, cite or credit sources by including the GBIF logo on their own website and linking back to https://www.gbif.org. We strongly encourage partners and site owners to provide explicit credit to data holders that publish their institutions' data through GBIF.org.
  • Whenever the GBIF logo is used online, it should have an active link to https://www.gbif.org.
  • The GBIF logo should not be animated or have states (like :hover or :focus) or scripted interactions.
  • Clear space—the empty area surrounding the logo—should be kept free of other graphic elements.

File types

  • PNG: Preferred file for web use, due to lossless compression. Ability to use of transparent backgrounds also enables better matching of approved white, green or black backgrounds (for more information: contact comms@gbif.org)
  • JPG: Standard web format, but lossy compression makes it less preferable in many uses. Provided primarily for use in Microsoft Office documents (which has trouble with the alpha-channel transparency in PNG files) and where others specify it as required.
  • EPS: Vector-based artwork. Most flexible format for third-party distribution and use, as users can scaled this file or derivative ones to fit without degrading the image.
  • TIF: High-resolution raster file in CMYK format—for use in print only.

Minimum sizes

Different media permit accurate reproduction at different scales. For that reason, we ask those using the logo respect not only the proportions of each version of the logo below, but also the following minimum widths.

  • For professional printing: 10 mm
  • For digital/office printing: 15 mm
  • For web uses: 60 px


GBIF's primary green is Pantone 362C. Our conventions for translating this colour into other systems are:

System Value
RGB 80-158-47
Hexadecimal #509e2f
CMYK 78-0-100-2

The full GBIF colour palette is available for download below.

Tag lines

The official GBIF tag line in six official UN languages:

Language Tag line
Arabic حرية و مجانية الوصول إلي معطيات التنوع الحيوي
Chinese 自由开放的生物多样性数据
English Free and Open Access to Biodiversity Data
French Accès libre et ouvert aux données sur la biodiversité
Russian Свободный и открытый доступ к данным по биоразнообразию
Spanish Acceso libre y gratuito a los datos de biodiversidad

Logo types

Type Description Example
Standard logo Preferred logo
Full logo First alternative version: for use in cases where spelling out the acronym provides additional context or clarity.
Stacked logo Narrower alternative of the above, for use when space available has less horizontal space.
Dot-org logo For use when referring specifically to GBIF’s website / primary ‘data product’.
Logo mark For more limited use as icon or emblem.