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GBIF to target data quality and fitness-for-use in 2014

The new GBIF work programme sets out plans to help users assess which data shared through the network are best suited for particular research and policy needs.

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Science and policy increasingly depend on GBIF, says new Chair

GBIF needs a broad and secure funding base as it becomes increasingly useful to scientists and policy makers, according to the newly-elected Chair of the network’s Governing Board, Peter Schalk.

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Chinese Academy of Sciences joins GBIF as Associate

The Chinese Academy of Sciences is the latest organization to join the GBIF community. It is now an Associate Participant in the network.

Also tagged: GBIF governance China Asia

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Data publishing network VertNet joins GBIF

New Participant mobilizes global vertebrate occurrence data

Also tagged: GBIF governance United States

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Registration for GBIF Governing Board meeting now open

GB20 and associated events to be held in Berlin, Germany from 4-10 October.

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