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Biodiversity Diagnoses Course in Benin

Cotonou, Benin

Biodiversity Data Capture Training Course in Ghana

Accra, Ghana

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How plants weather the cold

Research published in Nature journal has used GBIF-mediated data on nearly 30,000 species to investigate how plants evolved strategies to survive in cold climates.

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Building Biodiversity Informatics Institutions Course

Cape Town, South Africa

Biodiversity Informatics Data Analysis Training Course

Cape Town, South Africa

VertNet Biodiversity Informatics Training Workshop II

Boulder, United States of America

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Designing marine protected areas off Mexico

Researchers look at methods to determine the ideal spacing between protected areas in the Gulf of California, ensuring connectivity based on the distances covered by larvae of fish species identified through GBIF.

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Data publishing network VertNet joins GBIF

New Participant mobilizes global vertebrate occurrence data

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