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Arctic warming to enable transoceanic species exchange

The Atlantic and Pacific are connected by the Northeast and the Northwest Passage, but unsuitable conditions above the Arctic Circle have thus far prevented the interchange of marine biota between oceans. The present study simulates the spread of species under future climate conditions, creating ecological niche models for 515 fish species based on GBIF-mediated occurrences and climate projections.

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Tracking Naturalized Plants Worldwide

Combining GBIF-mediated occurrences with data from a novel database, the Global Naturalized Alien Flora (GloNAF), this study seeks to identify and quantify the spread and distribution of naturalized plant species worldwide.


GEO ministerial and plenary meeting

The Tenth Plenary Session of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO-X), will precede the 2014 Ministerial Summit, which is scheduled for 17 January 2014. Both events are hosted by Switzerland.

November 26th, 2014