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Atlas of Living Europe workshop

Organized as side event of the 2015 European Nodes Meeting, this workshop is a sequel to last year's ALA Workshop in Canberra and brings together developers and node managers working on national installations of the ALA software.

November 21st, 2016

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The global threat of invasive alien species

Studies have shown that invasive alien species (IAS) are responsible for a fifth of animal extinctions for which the causes are well-known, but are invasive species a treat to global biodiversity? In this paper, researchers assessed the spatial and taxonomic relationship between IAS and threatened vertebrates worldwide.

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Improving species distribution models using satellite data

Species distributions models (SDMs) rely on accurate climatic data to predict the potential ranges of species, however, climatic datasets are often based on interpolations between weather stations. In regions where stations are scarce, such as the tropics, modelling can therefore be problematic.

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Climate Change and Marine Food-Web Structures

Changing climates affect biodiversity in a number of different ways including range shifts, reorganizing local communities, and even extinctions. Marine species are not just affected by abiotic conditions such as temperature and salinity. They are connected in intricate food-web networks through competition, predation, parasitism, etc. If one species is affected, it will inevitably affect many others.