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Chinese Academy of Sciences joins GBIF as Associate

The Chinese Academy of Sciences is the latest organization to join the GBIF community. It is now an Associate Participant in the network.

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Israel joins GBIF

The state of Israel has become an Associate Participant, following signature of the Memorandum of Understanding by the director of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA).

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GBIF Japan trains Indonesian node in data publishing

Seventy professionals from various agencies in Indonesia took part in a workshop on integrated biodiversity data management, as part of a GBIF mentoring project.

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Support for projects to promote biodiversity 'data papers'

The GBIF Secretariat has announced support for three co-ordinated projects aimed at promoting publication of peer-reviewed biodiversity ‘data papers’ in Spain, Latin America and Asia.

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Adapting agriculture to future climate: the date palm

Climate change will make many parts of North Africa unsuitable for growing date palms, according to research using occurrence data accessed via GBIF to generate models based on future conditions of temperature and moisture.

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Sharing expertise to manage data for science and society

Mentoring among GBIF Participants will support network-building and publication of biodiversity data from Indonesia, Costa Rica and cities worldwide.

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