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Colombian journal publishes data papers

Biota Colombiana, published by the Humboldt Institute, which hosts the GBIF node in Colombia, is the first Latin American journal to publish biodiversity data papers.

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Using models to inform conservation policies

Two studies, based on data from GBIF and other sources, define the distribution of the bearded wood partridge, and help inform conservation policy.

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Brazilian forest reserves in a changing climate

Study uses GBIF-mediated data to look into the effectiveness of current forest reserves in conserving 16 forest plant species under changing climate conditions.

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GBIF Participants collaborate in 2013 mentoring projects

Eight Participant nodes share expertise on data publishing, portal development, digitization and e-learning.

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Finding patterns in bee-plant relationships

Brazilian researchers use data published via GBIF to analyse the impact of climate on interactions between bees and the plants they pollinate.

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Think bigger, GBIF award winner urges biologists

Miguel Bastos Aráujo, Portuguese winner of the prestigious GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Prize for 2013, plans to build an 'Ecotron' experimental facility to test model predictions of the impacts of climate change on species distributions.

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GBIF enables global study of climate impact on species

Research published in Nature Climate Change uses records on nearly 50,000 species accessed through GBIF to forecast major reductions in the climate ranges of common plants and animals around the world.

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Brazil surveys data holdings and informatics capacity

The national biodiversity information system for Brazil, SiBBr, has launched a survey of the data on biodiversity and ecosystems held by more than 200 institutions in the country, helping to mobilize data from GBIF's newest Participant.

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Brazil announces GBIF participation team

GBIF’s newest Participant, Brazil, has announced details of the individuals and national institutions that will represent the country and coordinate its participation in the network.

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Colombia launches new national biodiversity data portal

A portal that provides free access to information on Colombia’s biological diversity has been launched by the GBIF national node.

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